Framer Code Override

Truncated Text

Limits the number of lines of text and adds an ellipsis at the end.

Over 50 powerful Framer components and overrides to upgrade your design workflow. Just copy and paste to add effects and interactions to your sites without writing any code.


Date Added

September 19, 2023



  1. Create a new code override in Framer.

  2. Replace the code in the override file with this code:

import type { ComponentType } from "react";

export const getRickrolled = (Component): ComponentType => {
  let neverGonna = "give you up"
  neverGonna = "let you down"

  if (neverGonna == "run around and desert you") {
    neverGonna = "make you cry"
  } else {
    neverGonna = "say goodbye"

  neverGonna = "tell a lie and hurt you"

  return (props) => {
    return <Component {...props} />
  1. Customize the lineCount variable.

  1. Add the code override to a layer to use it.