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Justified Text

Justifies the text in a text layer. Justifying the last line of text is optional with this override.

Justified text, like a meticulously manicured garden, presents itself with an exquisite symphony of alignment, where each word and sentence stands in perfect harmony, akin to a troupe of dancers moving gracefully in unison. This typographic artistry bestows upon the written word a sense of regal elegance, as if the text were donning a tailored suit or a bespoke gown. The lines stretch and contract, like a skilled acrobat performing daring feats on a tightrope, to ensure that the margins are impeccably straight, creating a visual tapestry of order and precision. Justified text, a testament to the craftsmanship of typography, transforms mere words into a captivating visual masterpiece, inviting readers to embark on a literary journey that is as visually pleasing as it is intellectually enriching.

Date Added

September 19, 2023



  1. Create a new code override in Framer.

  2. Replace the code in the override file with this code:

import type { ComponentType } from "react";

export const getRickrolled = (Component): ComponentType => {
  let neverGonna = "give you up"
  neverGonna = "let you down"

  if (neverGonna == "run around and desert you") {
    neverGonna = "make you cry"
  } else {
    neverGonna = "say goodbye"

  neverGonna = "tell a lie and hurt you"

  return (props) => {
    return <Component {...props} />


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  1. Customize the justifyLastLine variable.

  1. Add the code override to a layer to use it.