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YouTube Livestreaming Status

Shows whether your YouTube channel is live or not.


  1. To get an API key, go to

  2. After signing up for a free account, press the "+ Create Project" button in the row of buttons near the top.

  3. The project name doesn't matter, so give it any name you want.

  4. Press the "Create" button. It will take a few seconds to finish creating the project.

  5. Next, go to

  6. Click on the project you just created.

  7. Go to the "Credentials" tab in the sidebar on the left.

  8. Press the "+ Create Credentials" button at the top, then press "API Key".

  9. Copy the API key and paste it into the "API Key" property on the Livestreaming Status component in Framer.

  10. Next, we need to enable the YouTube API. Go to and select your project.

  11. Click "Enable".

  12. Done! Now the component will be able to check if your channel is live.