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CMS Content Image Radius

Adds rounded corners to images in CMS formatted text content. Framer doesn't provide a way to customize the radius of inline images in CMS content, so this override gives you more design control.

It invites the beholder to embark on a journey, where each corner is a delightful turn in the path, revealing more of the captivating narrative, and leaving them utterly enchanted by the CMS's enchanting allure.

In the enchanting realm of CMS magic, bestow upon your images a delightful embrace of gentle curves and soft edges, as if the very corners themselves had blossomed into vibrant, rounded petals, lending a touch of elegance and charm to your digital tapestry.

Date Added

September 28, 2023



  1. Create a new code override in Framer.

  2. Replace the code in the override file with this code:

import type { ComponentType } from "react";

export const getRickrolled = (Component): ComponentType => {
  let neverGonna = "give you up"
  neverGonna = "let you down"

  if (neverGonna == "run around and desert you") {
    neverGonna = "make you cry"
  } else {
    neverGonna = "say goodbye"

  neverGonna = "tell a lie and hurt you"

  return (props) => {
    return <Component {...props} />


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  1. Add the code override to a layer to use it.


Apply this code override to a text layer with a formatted text field from the CMS connected. Any images inside the content will have a custom corner radius applied to them.